Website Re-Design Process


Step 1: Free Consultation

Website designing begins with consultation, which involves you (our clients) and our representatives. In this meeting we discuss about your website and design requirements, this can be done via e-mail, over the phone and if possible by meeting personally. After the confirmation and approval of the project it is expected that the clients make 50% payment so that we start the work immediately.

Step 2: Review Content and Photographs

Next step involves collection of photographs and content for your website. This is done once you finalize the content for your website according to the requirement. Once the content has been provided only then we will start working on the project.

Step 3: Layout Finalization

Based on your preferences we will design the layout and show it to you. On reviewing from your side based on your feedback we will make the necessary changes.

Step 4: Designing Other Pages

On approval of the layout further content will be added inside the pages on the website. The color combination and structure of the website won’t be changed in any condition.

Step 5: Testing and Launching

The final step includes testing of the website on different browsers and reviewing website functionality. On successful completion of the all the 5 steps the Website will be launched.

Things needed from client

Determining Your Goals

This Is the main thing to happy your website visitor.Deciding what your site goals are is the very first step you should take when you create a Website.


Clarity of content written in site is a very important aspect for search engine spiders, search engine and directory users. If your content is badly written and not relevant to what you want to find for, than your site is neither search engine friendly nor user-friendly.


For good website design it is very important to have good photograph of your products or service you want to put in your Website.