Magento Based Web Development

The world of e-commerce is growing everyday to the benefit of both consumers and the companies that utilize e-commerce resources and sites. In modern corporate life, having an active and successful online presence is vital to the maintenance of a healthy consumer base. The lack of such an online presence will deter any tech savvy consumer seeking out the easiest, most reliable efficient means by which to complete a transaction. The development of e-commerce in its various formats has opened up the gates for numerous software packages that claim to provide robust and reliable e-commerce programs suitable for any business. One of the most widely proliferated software programs it’s a web design Magento software package. The unique qualities of the Magento platform lie in its multifaceted approach to e-commerce and website design; from website optimization, to catalogue management, to an effective user interface, Magento is quickly becoming of the most popular platforms for companies across the globe.


Web Design Magento programs can be accessed for free in its ‘community’ manifestation, that requires the individual to maneuver the implementation of the program himself or herself. Although this is very much a possibility for those who are well versed in the more technical aspects of web design, for the majority of those in the corporate world, proper handling of this software package is unlikely. An open source program such as this does allow for the individual business to streamline the software to fit its own needs. With the source codes being flexible to change, this software package is very versatile and appealing to any number of business platforms. However, this can only be done if the developer is knowledgeable in all aspects of Magento software as well as being responsive to the clients needs.

The flexibility of ones web design platform should not be underestimated when it comes to establishing an effective online presence and image that will be espoused to a wide audience. Other software packages, although technically sound, do not allow for the alteration of the basic source codes. That being said, Magento is as complicated as the individual or developer makes it. This means that any and all alterations should be made with the full knowledge of any technical hurdles one might have to overcome, this is generally the reason that businesses seek out a magento developer to assist with the implementation of the software package. The right developer should have extensive experience in dealing with web design magento packages in all their varying formats. This way, it is clear that a developer will be able to make the needed alterations to customize the platform to their client’s best interest.

Benefits of Magento ShoppingCart

Open Source: Being an Open Source software, Magento provides agility and flexible scale to customize, unlimited application of creativity to front end and admin functionality, no licence fee and top standard security.

Userfriendly: A superbly easy to use and customisable admin offers complete control to manage orders, product stocks, promotions and much more. It doesn’t take staff long to understand the easy admin interface and functionality.

Bespoke Ecommerce Development: the possibility to customize and enhance Ma

Mobile eCommerce: Ecommerce on mobile devices has experienced tremendous growth recently. Magento is easily adaptable to all major modern mobile devices.

Why Choose Magento?

Magento is a highly popular open-source eCommerce development platform used by several high end organizations such as Nokia, Fred Perry and Harvey Nichols

It offers complete control of your online store, from order management to promotions and much more. It’s flexibility to customize offers endless unlimited application of creativity.

Magento’s SEO friendly structure and userfriendly navigation converts and attracts right quality leads, exceeding business growth expectation.

In order for your web store to reach desired business goals you need to plan everything properly and think of many aspects of site’s creation, such as platform choice, design, UI/UX, hosting, catalog structure, SEO etc. Our company has done hundreds of web stores and we can offer our unique Magento Website Development experience to help you build and run your store.