Joomal Based Website Development

Joomla is an open source content management system. Here are a few basic advantages of using the Joomla CMS system.

Joomla is Open Source and Free to use,Joomla CMS is developed as an open source piece of online software. What this means is that it is free to use its base core system, which makes it so powerful and widely used. Developers around the world contribute to building extensions and modules that seamlessly fit into the website. What this means is that there are some free components and some paid components that can be used on your web development project, that will cost considerably less than developing that particular function for your website from scratch.If you are hiring a person to update your content it is much cheaper to use a Joomla built website. It will take a developer 2-3 Hours to update a few pages in HTML code, which will take about 20-30 minutes to do so within the Joomla CMS system. This is done because of the use of the Joomla interface and some great object orientated programing that helps the system deliver content seamlessly over a web medium.


Revamping Made easy
Corporate organisations often change the look of their website every 2-3 years. This is to ensure they keep up with ever changing trends. The Joomla content management system manages the look and feel of your website by using a template based structure. That way a designer can implement changes into a template and by a simple click swap the existing look of the website, into its new look that the designer has just created. Thus there is no complicated procedures of copying pages, or migrating a website into its new look.

Huge development community
Joomla has a huge community of developers. If you are afraid that your website is developed in a language that are hard to find developers for, then relax your mind about the Joomla CMS. It is one of the most widely used CMS systems and programmed in .PHP language which are widely used by developers.